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How do I Join?
Squadrons are commonly made up of a mix of uniformed and non-uniformed members of staff who dedicate their time and effort into training the cadets. No previous experience is required to join a Squadron as a member of staff, and we can offer on going training and development to further your participation.

Uniformed staff
The uniformed members of Squadron staff are made up of Officers, who are commissioned in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch), and Air Training Corps Senior Non-Commission Officers.

All uniformed staff undergo a period of training at Royal Air Force College Cranwell in preparation for their duties. Before choosing to become a uniformed member of staff, adult volunteers typically spend 12 months as a civilian instructor, unless they have previous service in the RAF or ATC.

The Commanding Officer of each Squadron can offer an insight into the processes of applying for a uniformed position and the type of duties usually performed.

Civilian Staff
Civilian Instructors (CIs) offer training and logistical support to their Squadrons, although they can hold a post traditionally held by uniformed staff, such as Training Officer or Supply Officer for example.

As a CI you are not required to attend a preset amount of parades like uniformed staff. Therefore the input you offer is at your discretion. Most Squadrons however, prefer some form of initial agreement so that training can be scheduled accordingly.

Residential training courses (commonly called Ground Instructors Courses) are held throughout the year, offering all staff the chance to specialise in certain subjects in our training syllabus. Coupled with Squadron and Wing development, becoming a CI can be just as fulfilling as choosing a uniformed career.

If you are interested in becoming a CI, why not contact your nearest Squadron for more information?

Civilian Committee's
All Squadrons are required to have a Civilian Committee. The Committee are commonly charged with looking after the welfare of the Squadron, and the finances (eg. Fundraising).

Most committee's are made up of parents and members of the local community, although there are no restrictions on who can join. Everyone has something to offer when joining a committee, whether it be hands-on support or just a fresh set of ideas.

Committee's usually meet once a month, but this can vary between Squadrons. If you are interested in joining the committee, or just want more information, the Squadron Commanding Officer can put you in touch with the Chairperson.

What do I get out of it...?

It would be difficult to pinpoint all the benefits of joining the ATC in any role. Speaking to existing staff, you will find that the common response is satisfaction that they are making a difference to the cadets life by offering them the chance to develop and gain confidence.

You will also gain new skills that you may find useful in your civilian occupation. Some employers look favorable on their workforce joining such organisations as it provides a whole new skills set.

More information...?

The National ATC website has more information on the national adult recruitment campaign. You may have seen a poster or heard an advert. For more information, jump to the National ATC website here www.aircadets.org/index1.htm or call 01400 267 630 for an information pack.