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Flying & Gliding

There are many opportunities for cadets to fly in light aircraft and gliders as well as other RAF and civil aircraft.

tutor Tutor - All cadets have the opportunity to fly in our fleet of the Tutor
twin seat aerobatic aircraft and not just as a passenger - the cadets take the controls! On the first flight you will be taken to a safe altitude so you can take control and learn how to make gentle turns. On later flights cadets can, if they wish, experience aerobatics such as rolls, loops and stall turns and learn how to fly the aircraft themselves.
Vigilant Glider - This is a powered glider which takes off like a normal
aircraft but can then be flown and landed without using the engine.
viking2 Viking Glider - This is a winch launched glider and is used extensively by air cadets.

The Air Training Corps is the World's largest gliding school and all cadets have the chance to fly in the Corps fleet of modern aerobatic aircraft. Bristol and Gloucestershire Cadets use the Vigilant Glider at Little Rissington just north of Cheltenham, the Viking Glider at Hullavington which is between Chippenham & Malmesbury in Wiltshire and the Grob Tutor at Colerne in Wiltshire.

Many cadets take part in the corps Gliding Scholarship training which teaches them to fly the glider and at 16 years of age many fly solo - a year before they can learn to drive!