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Who can join...?
If you are aged between 13 and 16 you are on the right track. We recruit anyone regardless of nationality, background or ability.

Why should i join...?
If you want to join an learn how to fly aircraft, shoot, sail, rock climb, abseil and generally have fun then the Air Cadets do all of this and much more. With the right training and correct supervision, you can have the opportunity to represent the Air Cadets in sport and travel around the country and overseas. The uniform, which is same as the Royal Air Force is provided free of charge.

How do i join...?
You will need to contact your nearest Squadron to see if they are recruiting. Some Squadrons only accept recruits at certain dates througout the year. Others accept candidates each week. Follow these steps to find out more:

1. Work out which is your nearest Squadron. Click on Squadrons .

2. Speak to your parents about joining. You may need them to attend your first night. All cadets are required to pay subs and this can range from 50 pence a night to £10 a month.

3. Ring, email or drop into the Squadron you are interested in. Ask to speak to the Commanding Officer. He/She (or one of the staff) will be able to answer most of your questions. Find out if you can join straight away, or if you have to wait a while. If you have to wait, ask for a copy of the Air Cadet magazine to be posted to you.

4. If you have difficulty in making contact, or still have some questions, feel free to email the wing who will pass on your details or try to answer directly. Don't forget to include your full name, address, and the Squadron you wish to join.